At Brookridge Timber, we understand that choosing the right timber cladding for your project is more than just a decision; it’s an investment in the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your space. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding, a premium wood solution that’s changing the game.

What Is ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding?

ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding is a premium weatherboard timber that hails from the pristine forests of New Zealand. Specifically, it’s crafted from thermally modified FSC certified New Zealand Radiata Pine. Now, you might be wondering, what’s so special about thermally modified timber?

The Magic of Thermal Modification

The thermal modification process employed in crafting ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding is where the magic happens. By subjecting the wood to steam and high temperatures exceeding 200 degrees Celsius, this process dramatically enhances the wood’s durability and stability. The result? A timber cladding species that not only looks stunning but also outperforms traditional alternatives.

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Features That Make ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding Stand Out

  1. Aesthetically Pleasing: ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding boasts a beautiful chocolate brown color that exudes warmth and elegance. Over time, if left uncoated, it gracefully weathers to a sophisticated silver-grey patina.
  2. Exceptional Durability: With a class rating of 1, this timber cladding is in a league of its own when it comes to durability. It’s naturally tough and built to withstand the elements for up to 30 years or more in above-ground exterior applications.
  3. Eco-Friendly: What sets ABODO Vulcan apart is its commitment to sustainability. No chemicals or preservatives are required to enhance its longevity, making it an environmentally friendly choice for conscious consumers.
  4. Fire Resistant: Safety is paramount, and ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding can be fire-treated to achieve Euroclass B-s2, d0 certification, ensuring that your building meets the highest fire safety standards.
  5. Versatile Coating Options: Whether you prefer oil-based or water-based coatings, ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding welcomes them with open arms. It’s a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to achieve the finish you desire.
  6. Unwavering Stability: One of its standout features is exceptional stability. It remains steadfast, with minimal expansion or contraction, even in the face of fluctuating temperature and humidity levels.
  7. Pristine Appearance: ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding offers a clear grade, free from knots or defects. This pristine appearance makes it an ideal choice for projects where aesthetics matter.
  8. Superior Thermal Properties: When it comes to thermal performance, ABODO Vulcan stands tall. It boasts thermal properties that are 20-30% better than non-processed timber, contributing to improved energy efficiency in your structure.
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Why Choose ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding from Brookridge Timber?

As a leading timber cladding supplier in the South West, Brookridge Timber is committed to providing you with the finest materials for your projects. ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding aligns perfectly with our mission to offer quality, sustainability, and innovation.

When you choose ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding from Brookridge Timber, you’re choosing:

ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding isn’t just cladding; it’s a statement. It’s a statement of durability, sustainability, and timeless beauty. It’s a statement that your project deserves the very best. Experience the transformational power of ABODO Vulcan Timber Cladding with Brookridge Timber, where excellence is our tradition.

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