Micronised Timber Treatment Process

Long Lasting Timber
To help ensure the long term performance of our softwood Brookclad cladding timbers, they can be preservative treated with a water based Koppers Microshades Wood Preservative to protect them against the threat of decay and insect attack
Brookridge Timbers uses an industrial high pressure impregnation process to force the preservative into the wood structure.  This protection is in the cladding timbers for good and no further treatment is required. Brookclad timber cladding preservative treated in this way can come with a 30 year warranty against decay and insect attack when used out of ground contact if required.  Please contact us for more details
The resulting cladding timbers are a rich brown colour achieved using a pigment with UV inhibitors.  This means that the Brookclad timber cladding treated with the Microshades process will hold its colour for a longer period than other similar treatments reducing the rate of weathering.

Step One

Timber loaded into treatment vessel. Initial vacuum applied and the timber cells are evacuated of air. Vacuum held.

Step Two

Cylinder flooded under vacuum with Koppers wood preservative.

Step Three

Hydraulic pressure applied, forcing the preservative deep into the structure of the timber.

Step Four

Final vacuum extracts excess preservative solution, which is pumped back to storage.

Step Five

Low pressure inside timber draws in surface solution when vented to atmosphere. Treated timber is left to dry.

GREENGUARD Certification
The Koppers Microshades process for preservative treating timber holds GOLD GREENGUARD Certification
Simply put, GREENGUARD Certification ensures that a product has met some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air.  The Koppers Microshades preservative process is therefore safe for use in environmentally sensitive areas such as schools
In summary the Microshades preservative treatment process will enhance the look and give durability to your Brookclad timber cladding
  • Holds colour longer than similar products
  • Consistently enriches over time
  • Little or no maintenance required
  • 30 year warranty against rot and fungal decay
  • Sustainable, and Greenguard certified (VOC) for schools
  • Protection against attack by wood boring beetles or termites
  • Protection against fungal decay
Professionals in Pressure Treatment
Brookridge Timber Ltd has been pressure treating timber in house for over 30 years, always embracing new technology in this area when it becomes available.  All of our treatment plants are monitored and licensed by the local council’s environmental department to ensure they are operated in a manner safe to the environment, our employees and the surrounding area.
Our plant operators are highly trained and the treatment work we carry out is regularly audited by our treatment solution supplier Koppers to ensure the timber we pressure treat is treated correctly and fit for purpose.
We pressure treat all of our Brookclad timber cladding in line with the requirements of BS8417 which details the correct treatment cycle to achieve the required uptake of treatment solution for all of the species we offer in the Brookclad timber cladding range for their intended end use

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