As a leading timber cladding supplier in the South West, Brookridge Timber understands the importance of choosing a cladding material that can withstand the unpredictable and often harsh UK weather conditions. Our BrookClad micronised timber cladding is specially designed and treated to stand up to the elements while maintaining its beauty and integrity. In this blog post, we will explore the features, qualities, and treatments that make timber cladding from Brookridge Timber a reliable choice for your property.

  1. Natural Durability: Timber cladding, such as our range of Canadian Cedar cladding, European Redwood, Homegrown Cedar, and Cedar Shingles, possesses inherent durability. These cladding timbers are naturally resistant to decay and insect infestations, making them well-suited for exterior applications. Their natural oils and resins act as a protective barrier against moisture, preventing rot and deterioration caused by the UK’s damp climate.
  2. Preservative Treatments: At Brookridge Timber, we take additional measures to enhance the longevity and weather resistance of our timber cladding. Red Grandis, Waney Edge, Thermowood, Canadian Douglas Fir, and Thermally Modified Radiata Pine are all treated with preservatives to increase their resistance to decay, mold, and fungal growth. These treatments provide an added layer of protection, ensuring that the cladding can withstand prolonged exposure to rain, wind, and moisture.
  3. Micronised Technology: Our BrookClad micronised timber cladding goes a step further in terms of weather resistance. Micronised timber is produced through a unique process that involves reducing the size of wood particles and treating them with preservatives. This innovative technology improves the timber’s dimensional stability, minimises moisture absorption, and enhances its resistance to decay and weathering. With BrookClad, you can have peace of mind knowing that your exterior timber cladding will remain strong and beautiful even in the face of harsh weather conditions.
  4. Painted Timber Cladding: For those seeking both protection and aesthetic appeal, our range of painted timber cladding is an excellent choice. By opting for painted timber cladding, you can add an extra layer of defense against the elements while also customizing the look of your property. Our painted timber cladding is available in various colors and finishes, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic while ensuring long-lasting durability.
larch cladding
Siberian Larch

A Wide Range Of Timber Cladding Options

With our diverse selection of timber cladding options, including Cedar Shingles, Red Grandis, Waney Edge, Thermowood, Canadian Douglas Fir, and Thermally Modified Radiata Pine, you can find the perfect solution for your project. Each type of timber cladding offers unique qualities and benefits, tailored to withstand the UK weather and enhance the beauty of your property.

Invest in Timber Cladding from Brookridge Timber

As a local timber cladding company in Somerset, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality cladding materials that are designed to withstand the elements. Our range of timber cladding options, including BrookClad micronised timber cladding, offers durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you’re looking to buy timber cladding boards or seeking a reliable cladding supplier in Somerset, Brookridge Timber has you covered.

Homegrown Cedar Cladding

No Compromise – Choose The Best Cladding From A Leading Supplier

Don’t let the UK weather compromise the beauty and durability of your property. Choose timber cladding from Brookridge Timber to stand up to the elements and ensure lasting protection. Contact us today to find out molre about our wide range of timber cladding options and discover how our products can enhance your property’s resilience and charm.

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