Red Grandis

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Red Grandis timber cladding is a popular choice for architects and builders alike. It is a hardwood timber sourced from Uruguay, specifically from the Eucalyptus family. The trees are fast-growing and harvested at around 20 years old when they reach a diameter of approximately 60cm. The forests in Uruguay are well-managed and regularly pruned to ensure there are minimal knots, resulting in straight-grained timber.

Stable, Dense, & Durable

One of the benefits of Red Grandis timber cladding is its stability and density. It has a durability class of 3, meaning it is rated as moderately durable. Although it is not highly durable, it can still be used externally if it is pressure-treated to protect the sapwood from rot and insect attack. At Brookridge Timber, we recommend brown high-pressure treatment, which would give the product a 30-year warranty against rot and insect attack, increasing the durability class to 2, which is rated as durable.

A Sustainable Choice

The Red Grandis timber cladding supplied by Brookridge Timber is special because it is 100% FSC® certified, meaning it comes from well-managed forests. Our Red Grandis timber is straight-grained and has a consistent color that adds a natural warmth to any project. Our team of experts has years of experience in supplying high-quality timber cladding, and we ensure that each order meets our customers’ exact requirements.

Red Grandis Cladding – A Natural, Warm Look

Red Grandis cladding is an excellent material for external timber cladding due to its durability and stability. It is a hardwood timber that is resistant to decay and insect attack. Additionally, it has minimal shrinkage, swelling, and warping, making it a stable option for exterior use. When used as cladding, Red Grandis adds a natural, warm tone to any building, making it a popular choice among architects and builders.

Your South West, Devon-Based Timber Cladding Supplier

As a south-west Red Grandis cladding supplier and timber cladding supplier in Devon, Brookridge Timber is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality timber products. We take pride in our excellent customer service and our dedication to sustainability. Our Red Grandis timber cladding is an excellent choice for any project, and we are happy to help our customers find the right solution for their needs. Contact us today to learn more about our Red Grandis timber cladding and our other timber cladding options.

Botanical Name - Eucalyptus Grandis

Wood Type - Hardwood

Origin - Uruguay

Sustainability - All from well managed forests, certification available on request

Stability - Medium

Durability - Moderately Durable class 3 as per BS8417

Density - 600 kg per m3

Thermal Conductivity Rating - 0.18 W/(m K)

Reaction to Fire - D-s2, d0

Availability: Sawn and planed products mainly 25mm thick in a range of widths

Typical Commercially Available Grades in the UK : Packed as a combination of First and Second Grade

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