Red Grandis

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Red Grandis is a straight grained hardwood timber of the Eucalyptus family. Sourced from Uruguay, it is a fast grown hardwood and it is harvested at around 20 years old when it has reached a diameter of around 60cm.
The trees are tall and straight giving it a good straight grain and the forests are well managed and regular pruning ensures there are minimal knots.

Botanical Name - Eucalyptus Grandis

Wood Type - Hardwood

Origin - Uruguay

Sustainability - All from well managed forests, certification available on request

Stability - Medium

Durability - Moderately Durable class 3 as per BS8417

Density - 600 kg per m3

Thermal Conductivity Rating - 0.18 W/(m K)

Reaction to Fire - D-s2, d0

Availability: Sawn and planed products mainly 25mm thick in a range of widths

Typical Commercially Available Grades in the UKĀ : Packed as a combination of First and Second Grade