Thermally Modified Radiate Pine

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Radiata Pine is a versatile fast growing medium density softwood and it is an evergreen conifer. In its natural state it is classed as durability class 4 which is only slightly durable. In order for this species to be used externally as a timber cladding the raw material is put through a continuous kilning process heating the timber to 212 degree C whilst protecting it with steam.

This process increases the durability from class 4 to class 2 making it durable as detailed in BS8417. The modified Radiata Pine is virtually knot free and has a beautiful golden brown colour with each board exhibiting its own natural grain. The process also makes the timber extremely stable with very low shrinkage, warping or twisting.

Left untreated over time when exposed to u.v. it will turn to a very attractive silver grey.

Botanical Name - Pinus Radiata

Wood Type - Softwood

Origin - New Zealand, Australia, Chile

Sustainability - From well managed forests - FSC® and PEFC

Stability - Very stable with low shrinkage, warping and twisting

Density - 350kg/m

Thermal Conductivity Rating U Value - 0.13W/(m K)

Durability - Class 2

Typical Grades - Clear grade knot free

Availability - Sawn, and planed products mainly 25mm thick in a range of widths

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