Painted Timber Cladding

BrookClad offers a range of painted cladding options to suit a variety of end uses and tastes.

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Our carfully designed profiles have eased edges with a minimum 3mm radius on all corners ensuring coatings have good adhesion. Most coatings will not adhere to a profile with a sharp edge.

All of the coatings in the Brookclad Painted range are applied under factory conditions to give a perfect finish and below are details of the two products we recommend applied to a Thermowood Substrate.

Thermowood is our chosen substrate for coating as it is dimensionally stable which is important when selecting a substrate to be coated. During the production process the timber is exposed to intensive heat drying the timber into the core causing all of the moisture and resin to be removed.

The thermally modified product does not react to humidity changes reducing the risk of swelling, shrinkage and cracking meaning it will keep its shape far better than non thermally modified substrates.

Importantly this thermally modified substrate will not secrete sap or resin both of which can bleed through most coatings.

Sandin SDF provides tough, effective protection for timber cladding. SDF’s specially formulated oils and resins penetrate into the wood providing outstanding weather and UV protection. SDF has a unique water-borne technology and can provide protection just one coat. We would advise however to use two coats and this will provide an eve more beautiful and richer finish.

SDF protects the outside of the cladding and it also protects the  inside by allowing wood to breath which helps prevent moisture from getting trapped in the wood and causing rot SF is rated as one of the best natural finishes available.

Sikkens Cetol WF771

WF771 is a highly durable coating ideal for timber cladding available in a range of semi-transparent colours in a matt finish. It has exceptional UV and weather resistance and does not flake. It is a low build, low sheen, translucent, water-borne acrylic, product and we would recommend ordering this product with three coats.

painted timber cladding example

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