When it comes to timber cladding, two exquisite options stand out from our diverse range at Brookridge Timber: Homegrown UK Larch and Siberian Larch. These timber species, each with its unique character and benefits, are favored by architects, builders, and homeowners alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the distinctive qualities of these two larch cladding options and help you understand which one might be the ideal choice for your project.

Homegrown UK Larch Cladding

The Beauty of Homegrown Elegance

UK Larch (Larix Europaea) is a testament to the rustic allure of homegrown timber. With a strong, durable, and attractive character, it’s a softwood species that has earned its place in the hearts of many timber enthusiasts. The unique visual appeal of UK Larch cladding lies in its rustic appearance, adorned with dark knots that can reach up to an impressive 50mm in size.

home grown uk larch cladding

Durability Meets Cost-Efficiency

Choosing UK Larch cladding means embracing durability and cost-effectiveness. It’s a timber species that can withstand the test of time, showcasing resilience against rot and insect attacks when treated correctly. As a cost-effective option, it offers long-lasting protection to buildings and structures. Its distinctive appearance adds an aesthetic appeal that can enhance any architectural project.

Eco-Friendly and Versatile

UK Larch timber cladding is not only a visual delight but also an eco-conscious choice. Sourced from sustainable forests in the UK, it embodies sustainability at its core. Furthermore, its versatility extends to various applications, including cladding, decking, fencing, and landscaping.

Brookridge Timber’s Promise

As your timber cladding supplier in Devon, Brookridge Timber takes pride in offering high-quality UK Larch cladding. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our Larch timber is sustainably sourced and of the highest quality. Our experienced team is ready to provide expert advice to help you choose the right type of cladding and finish, allowing you to enhance the natural beauty of your timber.

Siberian Larch Cladding

Nature’s Shield: The Durability of Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch timber cladding hails from the Lake Baykal region of Siberia, offering a creamy yellow-brown color with a straight grain that exudes elegance. Its true strength lies in its natural durability. Containing arabinoglactan, a natural fungicide, it is naturally resistant to decay, insect attack, and rot. Its resilience extends to moisture, making it impervious to dampness and humidity. This means no need for chemical treatments or preservatives, marking it as a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for external timber cladding.

Siberian Larch Cladding
Siberian Larch

Aesthetic Evolution: Beauty in Transformation

Siberian Larch timber exterior cladding showcases the beauty of transformation. Over time, it gracefully shifts from a creamy yellow-brown hue to a stunning silver-grey color when exposed to rain and sunlight. The tight intergrown knot formation adds character and texture, creating a unique blend of rustic and elegant aesthetics.

Strength and Stability: No Compromises

Strength and stability are hallmarks of Siberian Larch timber cladding. As one of the hardest commercially available softwood species in the UK, it can withstand high-traffic areas, making it suitable for public buildings and commercial properties. Its stability ensures resistance to shrinkage and expansion due to changes in temperature or humidity, mitigating the risk of warping or cracking.

Architectural Elegance Unleashed

Siberian Larch timber cladding is versatile and adaptable, fitting into a variety of architectural designs. Its refined appearance makes it suitable for modern and contemporary buildings, while its natural charm and rustic texture harmonize perfectly with traditional and heritage structures. Whether used as a primary material or combined with other elements like brick or stone, Siberian Larch lends a stunning and unique touch to any project.

Your Choice, Our Commitment

Both homegrown UK Larch and Siberian Larch cladding options offer distinctive qualities and advantages. At Brookridge Timber, we are committed to providing you with the best quality timber for your building project. Our range of larch cladding allows you to choose between the rustic elegance of UK Larch and the natural durability and aesthetic evolution of Siberian Larch. Whichever you opt for, you can trust that your project will benefit from the beauty, strength, and sustainability that timber cladding from Brookridge Timber embodies.

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