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UK homegrown Western Red Cedar is a fast-growing timber species that has gained popularity as a sustainable alternative to imported Western Red Cedar. The UK-grown variety has a unique character, with regular, sometimes large knots up to 50mm, and a slightly fluffy texture around the knots when machined. Although it is the same species as imported Western Red Cedar, the UK-grown variety has different properties and requires careful selection and treatment when used for external cladding.

Homegrown, UK Western Red Cedar Cladding, A Sustainable Choice

One of the key benefits of UK Western Red Cedar cladding is its sustainability. It is a fast-growing species that can be sourced locally, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Additionally, it is a renewable resource, with new trees being planted to replace those harvested. Western Red Cedar is also a durable timber species, with natural resistance to decay and insect attack, making it an ideal material for external cladding.

Visual Appeal

Another advantage of UK Western Red Cedar cladding is its visual appeal. It has a unique character that can add warmth and texture to any building. The knots and grain patterns of the timber create a natural, rustic look that is sought after by many architects and designers. Additionally, when left untreated, the timber weathers to an attractive silver-grey color that blends well with natural surroundings.

South West UK UK Western Red Cedar Cladding Supplier – BrookClad

As a supplier of UK Western Red Cedar cladding, we are committed to providing high-quality timber that is suitable for external cladding applications. We offer cladding-grade timber that is carefully selected and machined to ensure a smooth, even finish. Our experienced team can advise on the best treatment and installation methods to ensure the longevity and performance of the cladding.

UK homegrown Western Red Cedar is a sustainable, durable, and visually appealing timber species that is well-suited for external cladding applications. As a supplier of this timber, we are proud to offer a high-quality product that meets the needs of architects, builders, and homeowners. Contact BrookClad to learn more about our UK Western Red Cedar cladding and how it can enhance the look and performance of your building project.

Botanical Name - Thuja Plicata

Wood Type - Softwood

Origin - UK

Sustainability - From Well Managed Forests

Stability - Reasonably stable with a low shrinkage factor but can be prone to some warping and twisting

Density - 390 kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity Rating U Value - 0.107 W/m2 K

Availability - Sawn, planed and profiled products in a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths

Commercially Available Grades in the UK : Air Dried Cladding Grade knots up to 50mm

Durability - Moderately Durable Class 3 as per BS 8417

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