At Brookridge Timber, we prioritise both the aesthetic and functional aspects of timber cladding. Timber cladding has become an integral part of construction, gracing a wide spectrum of structures from residential to industrial. Timber, with its unique combination of environmental, practical, and visual advantages, remains a favored substrate for cladding. In line with our commitment to providing top-quality cladding solutions, we proudly introduce the BrookClad Fire Treated Timber Cladding – a testament to safety, innovation, and excellence.

Understanding Fire Treatment For Timber Cladding

In its natural state, most timber species hold a fire classification of Euro Class D-s2, dO. However, specific projects or sections within projects may necessitate elevating this classification to Euro Class B. Brookridge Timber’s entire BrookClad range, excluding Red Grandis, can achieve a Euro Class B fire classification through additional fire-retardant treatments.

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Our BrookClad Fire Treated Timber Cladding holds a range of benefits that redefine safety standards while maintaining the integrity of your cladding project:

  1. Invisible & Odorless. Our fire treatment process leaves no trace of color or odor, ensuring the aesthetic appeal of your cladding remains uncompromised.
  2. Long-Lasting Effectiveness. The fire treatment is designed to endure the lifespan of the cladding, delivering continuous protection over time.
  3. Safe for All. The treatment is non-toxic and non-allergenic, making it safe for both humans and animals.
  4. Resilient to Water & Humidity. The fire treatment remains intact even in the presence of water or humidity, ensuring consistent fire resistance.
  5. Deep Penetration. Our fire treatment deeply penetrates the timber’s structure, eliminating the need for additional protective coatings.

Decoding Fire Classification B-s2,d0

Understanding fire classifications is pivotal in comprehending the enhanced safety provided by BrookClad Fire Treated Timber Cladding. The classification is broken down into three key components:

  1. B – Fire Reaction. The letter B represents the main part of the classification and ranges from AL to F. A1 represents the highest non-combustible level, while F denotes the lowest. Timber cladding boards, including our BrookClad species range (except Red Grandis), can achieve Euro Class B with our specialized fire retardant treatments.
  2. S2 – Smoke Production. The smoke classification, categorized as s1, s2, or s3, signifies the level of smoke produced during combustion. S1 denotes the highest performance, while S3 represents the lowest.
  3. d0 – Flaming Droplets. The classification for flaming droplets and particles when timber cladding catches fire ranges from do to d2. do represents the highest level of performance, while d2 marks the lowest.

Brookridge Timber’s Commitment to Safety and Excellence

As a reputable Somerset and Devon timber cladding supplier, Brookridge Timber takes pride in offering the BrookClad Fire Treated Timber Cladding as a testament to our commitment to safety, innovation, and superior quality. We understand the critical importance of fire safety, and our range of fire-treated timber cladding offers a reliable solution to elevate your cladding’s fire resistance. Whether you’re an architect, builder, or homeowner, Brookridge Timber stands as your trusted partner in delivering top-tier cladding solutions that prioritise safety and aesthetics. Contact us today to learn more about our BrookClad Fire Treated Timber Cladding and how it can enhance your projects.

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