The Future of Timber Cladding is Here

At Brookridge Timber, a leading timber cladding supplier in the South West, we are excited to introduce our customers to the innovative world of Thermowood cladding. As experts in providing a wide range of timber species for cladding, including Canadian Cedar/Western Red Cedar and Larch cladding, we recognise the transformative impact of Thermowood on modern construction and architecture.

What is Thermowood Cladding?

Thermowood cladding is not just any timber cladding; it’s a revolution in the industry. Produced by heat treating selected Scandinavian Redwood, this unique continuous kilning process heats the timber to 212 Celsius under the protection of steam. This meticulous process fundamentally transforms the timber, enhancing both its chemical and physical properties.

Thermowood cladding panels

A Luxurious and Sustainable Alternative

Thermally-modified timber cladding options offer a sustainable and affordable alternative to expensive tropical hardwoods. Not only does this process increase the functional properties and durability of the timber, but it also bestows it with a luxurious appearance, reminiscent of high-end hardwoods.

Unmatched Durability

One of the standout benefits of Thermowood cladding is its exceptional durability. The thermal modification process elevates the durability of the timber from class 4 to class 2 as per BS 8417. This leap in durability ratings means that Thermowood cladding stands as a long-lasting and dependable choice for external timber cladding.

Stability with Low Shrinkage

The stability of Thermowood cladding is unparalleled. With low shrinkage and resistance to warping and twisting, it maintains its pristine appearance for longer periods, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. If left untreated, it gracefully transitions to an attractive silver-grey colour, enhancing its natural beauty.

Thermowood cladding

Environmentally Friendly Choice

At Brookridge Timber, we are committed to sustainability. The softwood used for Thermowood cladding is sourced from sustainable forests in Scandinavia, certified by PEFC. This commitment ensures that choosing Thermowood is not only a smart choice for your construction needs but also a step towards environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Brookridge Timber?

As your Devon-based timber cladding supplier, Brookridge Timber is dedicated to providing the highest quality Thermowood cladding. Our range of sizes and finishes cater to diverse needs and aesthetic preferences. When you choose us, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re partnering with a team committed to excellence and sustainability.

Let’s Collaborate on Your Next Building Project

Are you planning a project that requires top-tier timber cladding? Brookridge Timber is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore our range of Thermowood cladding solutions. Together, we can achieve stunning results that are both beautiful and sustainable.

Brookridge Timber: Pioneering the Future of Timber Cladding. Visit us or get in touch to discover how our Thermowood cladding can elevate your next project.

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