Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles (Thuja Plicata), are a popular choice for external timber cladding. They are widely favored by architects and specifiers for their durability, lightweight, and aesthetic appeal. Cedar shingles are classified as a durable species, making them a great choice for roof and wall tiles. The Cedar shingles supplied by Brookridge Timber, a south west Cedar shingles supplier and timber cladding supplier in Devon, are exceptional. They are 100% clear heartwood, 100% vertical grain, and kiln-dried.

Sustainable & Naturally Resistant – Cedar Shingles

The benefits of Cedar shingles are numerous. Firstly, they are a sustainable material sourced from well-managed forests in Western Canada, making them an environmentally friendly choice. Secondly, they are naturally resistant to rot and insects, reducing the need for chemical preservatives. However, if preservative treatment is required, Brookridge Timber provides a 30-year warranty with preservative treated shingles.

Virtually Maintenance-Free

Cedar shingles are also virtually maintenance-free, but it is recommended to remove any debris accumulating on the roof to increase their longevity. Installing a 100mm zinc strip exposed at the ridge can prevent moss growth.

Strong & Sable + Kiln-Dried

The Cedar shingles supplied by Brookridge Timber feature clear heartwood and vertical grain. The clear heartwood provides a consistent color and quality throughout the shingle, while the vertical grain provides a superior strength and dimensional stability. Additionally, the kiln-drying process removes moisture from the shingles, reducing the risk of shrinkage and warping.

Durability, Lightweight & Aesthetic Appeal

Cedar shingles are a great choice for external timber cladding because of their durability, lightweight, and aesthetic appeal. They can be used for both roofs and walls, creating a natural and unique look to a building. Cedar shingles have a long lifespan, reducing the need for replacement and maintenance, and are eco-friendly.

If you are looking for high-quality Cedar shingles cladding, Brookridge Timber is your trusted Cedar shingles cladding supplier in Devon and south west. With our exceptional quality Cedar shingles, we can provide you with a natural and unique look to your building that will last for years to come.

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Botanical Name - Thuja Plicata

Wood Type - Softwood

Origin - Western Canada

Sustainability - From Well Managed Forests

Stability - Very low shrinkage, warping and twisting

Durability - Durable Class 2 as per BS 8417

Density - 330-390kg/m3

Thermal Conductivity Rating U Value - 0.11 W/(m K)

Reaction to Fire - D-s2,d0

Availability : Mixed Widths approx 400mm long (15” – 16”)

Commercially Available Grades in the UK : No. 1 Blue Label

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